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Book about Jerzy Turowicz

Witold Bereś

Tur-2-1The Turowicz Circle. The Weekly, the Times, the People 1945-1999 by Witod Bereś, Krzysztof Burnetko and Joanna Podsadecka, The World Makes Sense Foundation (Fundacja Świat Ma Sens), Kraków 2013

A book which tells the remarkable story of Tygodnik Powszechny, its editor-in-chief, editors, collaborants, and the entire society connected with the weekly, but above all, the philosophy of the weekly. This one volume carries the most important articles originally published in Tygodnik Powszechny, which changed  Poland and its people. This is a story about dramatic editorial decisions and political ones, but also about parties and everyday life. It is the yet unsung story of Kraków and the Polish culture.

This colorful and anecdotic tale takes the reader through the times of Communism to the early years of the free Poland; through Stalinism and the time of hope in 1956; the time of a big council in the Catholic Church and the drama of the anti-Semitic campaign in March 1968; the election of a Pole as the Pope and the phenomenon of the Solidarity trade movement. The book appeared on the 100th anniversary of Jerzy Turowicz birthday, in December 2013.