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Colors of Life

Witold Bereś


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The evening event entitled “Marek Edelman. The Colors of Life”, held on May 14, 2013 at the auditorium of the Polin Museum of the History of the Polish Jews, was a huge success. The formal reason for the meeting was the publication of 2 books and an audio album connected with the Jewish history: a biography of Marek Edelman (extended edition Marek Edelman. Life. Until the End), a selection of Marek Edelman texts Simple to Say When You Know (edited by Paula Sawicka and Krzysztof Burnetko), and a record by Magda Brudzińska “Colorovanka”, based on traditional Jewish music performed by Jews living in Poland.


The audience, which packed the house to the full, took part in what turned out to be a multimedia show. First, radio and television journalist Beata Tadla talked about Edelman with Paula Sawicka, Witold Bereś and Krzysztof Burnetko. Fragments of a movie about Marek Edelman were projected while Janusz Gajos read fragments of the newest Marek Edelman biography, Marek Edelman. Life. Until The End. The spectacle culminated with a Madga Brudzińska mini-show when she sang songs (in Yiddish) from her recent album.

A advertising campaign preceded the evening which went through the radio, Internet, the press and even in the Warsaw metro.

The event was organized by the World Makes Sense Foundation (Fundacja Świat Ma Sens), in partnership with publishing companies Agora and Świat Książki, and the National Culture Center.