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Marek Edelman: erzählt

Witold Bereś

H 07 Edelman book DEBlending direct and indirect interviews with numerous quotations from Edelman’s books, talks, and other writings along with accounts by many eyewitnesses to those times, the Polish journalists Witold Bereś and Krzysztof Burnetko have woven a multilayered biographical portrait of this larger-than-life figure, with special emphasis on the events in the ghetto—brilliant!



What is more important to you: your life ? Or your freedom? What would you choose if you had to? Marek Edelman, more than just a witness of war and holocaust, an impressive man I had the honor to know, helps us to make our choices in life.  This book brings him to us as closely as possible.

GERHARD GNAUCK,  DIE WELT correspondent in Warsaw  


Edelman often reproaches the journalists interviewing him for “not understanding any of these things”—the question of the ghettos in Poland, the Nazi extermination of the Jews, Jewish resistance. “Your idea of what the Holocaust meant is, on the one hand, simplified and superficial, and on the other, overblown. You will never be able to understand why people were ready to go to their death for three kilograms of bread, or that a young girl in the ghetto experienced the most beautiful time of her life because she found her first love before dying.”