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Marek Edelman – Lochem. Mahpechan. Adam

Witold Bereś

H 04 Edelman book ISMarek Edelman: A Fighter, a Revolutionary, a Man by Witold Beres and Krzysztof Burnetko, translated from Polish by Michael Handelzalts, published by Alijat Hagag/Jediot Sfarim, Tel Aviv 2012

In January 2012 appeared a Hebrew translation of Marek Edelman biography, entitled “Marek Edelman—Lochem. Mahpechan. Adam”

The publication is a significant development, firstly, because with it Marek Edelman has reached the public opinion in Israel for the first time through an ‘official’ channel.  Secondly, because, generally speaking, Polish literature is not popular in Israel today.

Nachum Mochiach wrote: “It is an attempt to show a man who was one of the leaders of the Warsaw ghetto uprising, and who, after the war, remained in Poland instead of migrating to Israel. The book appeared on the eve of the International Holocaust Day.”


But Ronen Dorfen, one of tha last living the Uprising fighters mentioned in Israel HaJom – HaSzawua daily in Jerusalem:

“Marek Edelman, one of the leaders of the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto, remains anonymous in Israel. He is someone who stayed in Poland after the Holocaust; he was a Bundist who opposed Zionism but became a hero of Solidarity in Poland. But Moshe Arens, the former minister of foreign affairs and security who is now a researcher into the history of the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto, is not surprised in the least by this. He himself urged on several occasions that one of the universities in Israel should award Edelman an honorary doctorate, but he was turned down each time. “Of course it is not the rectors who say no . . . Edelman was in Israel several times, and he had friends here. He did not assert that the State of Israel should not exist at all, but he thought there should be an effort to attain peace with the Palestinians.”