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Marek Edelman. Life. Just Life

Witold Bereś

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Marek Edelman. Life. Just Life, by Witold Bereś and Krzysztof Burnetko,  Świat Książki, Warszawa 2008

A biography of Marek Edelman, a hero of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising who also fought in the Warsaw Uprising. A surgeon and democratic opposition activist… The book is a result of hundreds of hours which the authors spent talking with Edelman, and comes with a DVD featuring selected fragments of the conversations. The book won the Klio Award in 2008.

It was published before Edelman’s death as the first book of a sequel written about Edelman by Bereś and Burnetko. It was a best-seller right after the launch.



„It is impossible to discuss Marek Edelman without considering all the historical, political and ideological contexts. Thus, Bereś and Burnetko took on an extremely difficult task, but they have not failed. Their portrayal of Edelman is complete and fascinating.

This is an encounter with a man who still regards himself as a commander of the uprising—not only the uprising in the ghetto, but also the ongoing insurrection in defense of human rights: of an Albanian in Kosovo, a Gypsy in the Czech Republic, a Palestinian, of a Polish teacher harassed for teaching young people about the Holocaust. It raises one’s spirits, for even though the hero of this story is a witness to the greatest of crimes, his last words in the book are: ‚So please: no apocalypse!’

Jan Strzałka, POLITYKA weekly, 21 kwietnia 2008