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The multimedia book ‘Marek Edelman. On the Sunny Side’

Witold Bereś

EdelmanOkladkaThe multimedia book ‘Marek Edelman. On the Sunny Side’ (abridged, Polish edition) is a epub3 format project. It is a modern form of the electronic book which allows to listen and watch its content on tablet computers, laptops and desk computers. With this format the book preserves its subject matter but yet gives an opportunity to meet its heroes and the mood of their times.

The electronic book utilizes ten the most important parts selected from ten chapters of a Marek Edelman biographies written by Witold Bereś and Krzysztof Burnetko. The electronic book comes with additional pictures of Edelman as well as his best-known quotes, plus pictures from the Warsaw ghetto and fragments of ‘Commander Edelman’, a movie about Edelman directed by Artur Więcek ‘Baron’. The bonus part includes fragments of a Magda Brudzińska concert she played with her Kraków-based Klezmer musicians to commemorate Edelman.

The Epub3 Project was made possible thanks to the subsidizing of the Book Institute (Instytut Książki).